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The Most Prevalent Jobs in the United States

Getting a job helps you to expand your resume by adding new skills and experience. It can assist you in determining the professions you are interested in and laying out a career path. Examine the most popular jobs in America to determine which ones assist you in making contacts that can later serve as references.

Without office employees, food prep workers, package handlers, and truck drivers, keeping America’s economy running would be impossible. Without the millions of hospital personnel, nurses, and home health aides, what would the sick do? The top 50 vocations featured in this article employ more than 74.2 million individuals, whether they are mending America’s beverages as a bartender, cars as an auto mechanic, or legal difficulties as a lawyer. While the majority of the occupations on the list pay less than $20 per hour, 13 of them pay more than $60,000 per year, with three of them exceeding six figures.

Jobs are ordered by total U.S. employment (excluding self-employed people) as of the May 2020 National Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates report (released on March 30, 2021, and therefore the most up-to-date data available). Only detailed job categories were included within the dataset.

In May 2018, America had a total workforce of 144.7 million people. The COVID-19 pandemic and its economic consequences had a significant influence on employment levels, reducing them to 139 million in May 2021. However, employment has started to stabilize since then, with job statistics increasing in recent months.

Thirty million people work in America’s top ten vocations. The majority of the occupations on the list don’t require much more than a high school diploma, but others may necessitate years of education, qualification, and state or federal licensure. The average hourly and yearly salaries for most of the roles are also supplied as supporting statistics.

The most prevalent USA jobs

1. Construction trades and extraction workers’ first-line supervisors – Hourly wage median: $32.61

This construction management job necessitates not just the scheduling and training of employees, but also the administration of budgets. In terms of mean pay, the two Washingtons—the state and the district—are the most profitable marketplaces for these specialists.

2. Cashier

The national average hourly wage is $10.84.

Processing transactions for a customer’s purchase in a retail setting is one of a cashier’s major tasks. Cashiers help customers in identifying items they’re looking for while also bagging their purchases.

3. Automotive Service Industry Technicians and Mechanics

Hourly pay median: $21.18

Automotive repair professionals and mechanics will have plenty of work as long as there are automobiles on the road. Nearly a dozen different jobs are reported by your Mechanic, including parts specialist, battery mechanic, and brake technician. Meanwhile, Career Addict has compiled a list of “the 12 greatest entry-level auto mechanic jobs,” which include anything from vehicle air conditioning repairman to collision repair assistant. Furthermore, because these positions simply require on-the-job training, student loan debt is not an issue.

4. Specialists in Computer User Support

$25.33 per hour is the median hourly wage.

The day-to-day job of these experts is to manage the demands and frustrations of computer users whose hardware and/or software aren’t operating optimally—or at all. The greatest pay for this sort of job may be found in numerous West Coast and East Coast states.

5. Server

$11.72 per hour is the national average wage.

A server, often known as a waiter or a waitress, is responsible for writing down food and drink orders. They provide the chef the orders from the clients. Consumers are served meals, and they are also able to answer any extra inquiries that customers may have. When a client exits the restaurant, servers clean the dining spaces.

6. Operators of Industrial Trucks and Tractors

$18.06 per hour is the median hourly pay.

Warehouses are a common working location for these employees who ensure that items, pallets, and materials are carried securely throughout a facility. Despite the fact that e-commerce sales have increased demand for warehousing, jobs growth is decreasing as more warehouse activities are automated.

7. Clerk in the office

$13.84 per hour is the national average wage.

Primary responsibilities: An office clerk provides support to an organization by doing a number of clerical tasks. They take calls, filter through the mail, and file sensitive information. They prepare invoices for payment, greet guests, and create reports for management.

8. Specialists in Human Resources

Hourly wage median: $30.52

Professionals in this area are responsible for handling ongoing salary and training needs in addition to employing new employees. As health-care issues and employment law become more complicated, demand continues to rise.

9. Assistant to a doctor

The national average hourly wage is $15.36.

A medical assistant’s main responsibilities include scheduling appointments for patients and greeting them when they arrive.

10. Lawyers

Hourly pay median: $61.03

Lawyers were formerly just Roman orators who advocated their friends’ causes long before they became famous. To become a lawyer nowadays, you must complete a demanding academic program and pass the bar test, which is regarded as exceedingly difficult.

11. Analysts of market research and marketing specialists

Hourly wage median: $31.64

Market research analysts study selling techniques and pricing points to assess productivity, frequently building campaigns around customers’ buying behaviors, in addition to following product and service trends. While the typical analyst pay in Oregon is approximately $70,000, marketing experts may earn up to $82,290 per year, according to Recruiter, with manufacturing being the most profitable sector of practice. According to Moneywise, the profession is one of the 15 fastest-growing sectors, with additional 138,300 positions expected to open up by 2026.

This was a quick rundown of some of the most common jobs in America, as well as their hourly pay. There are other occupations that we did not discuss, and their pay is likewise commendable (american society of plumbing engineers).

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